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5 ways to make more profits in screen printing


Are you struggling to make good profit in screen printing?

Sometimes, the decisions and methodology adopted in past for screen printing may not allow you to make more profits. It is high time that we reduce the dependency on skilled labour in screen printing. It is also important to choose the right machinery customized to your needs while keeping budget in mind. Modern screen printing shop needs to be reliable to get consistent and repeat business.

Here are 5 ways you should consider to become dependable printing shop and improve profitability in screen printing:

The implementation of intelligent automation will begin to reduce manufacturing costs, increase profits and assure competitiveness for the businesses. To intelligently automate, a lot of homework must be done and it must bedone thoroughly. For more information read: 7 reasons you need to invest in screen printing automation.

2 – MAINTENANCE – Supporting intelligent automation
Maintenance has always been viewed as an expense. Rather, it should be viewed as important steps to produce good quality screen prints and enhance the screen printing machine life. It is a more positive approach towards maintenance of machine and equipment. It is no more considers plant maintenance a profit center, which is critical not just to reduce overall operating cost, but also to boost productivity of the plant in a big way.



  •     Temperature 22*C - 28*C
  •     Humidity 55 Rh OR LESS


Every screen printing shop, regardless of size, workflow, equipment or application can benefit from creating and implementing such standard operating procedures. The operating procedures you write for your facility should be easy to read and follow. Experienced employees and new workers should be able to read the step-by-step instructions and execute all tasks implementing standard operating procedures within your screen-printing shop can substantially maximize quality, streamline the workflow, reduce rejection and enhance productivity.


Screen printer fails to understand benefits of training on regular basis. Take a time around one hour per week for each person involved inscreen printing shop. It will reduce supervisory needs at first. Set goals of training and education that will improve efficiency, productivity as well as organizational flexibility. Regular training will directly impact on human relation and morale as well. Determine your company’s training needs and wants followed by your training options and select the right ones. Now Implement programs and after successful implementation evaluate programs.


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