“ Dry out Your competition ”

Conveyor Dryer

We are the leading choice for our prestigious customers obliging excellent quality dryers for screen printing application. Our range of converorised dryers are suitable of drying solvent, water based, plastisol Inks and solvent free atmosphere.

Our machines are carefully designed with UV Curing, IR Curing and Hot Air IR Dryer technology and produced with high-level quality. The Dryers are designed to give consistent temperature in the heating chamber maintaining the required temperature during the print cycle runs to ensure less electricity consumption.

We strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value to our valued customers
Screen Printing Machine
Fasdry Infra
Print Size : 10”, 16”, 25”, 32”, 45” & 52”
Fasdry Ht Circulation
Curing Width : 16”, 25”, 36”
Value – today and tomorrow
Fasdry Ultra
Curing Width : 10”, 16”, 25”, 32”, 45”, 52”

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