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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really require Auto screen washer?

Use manual washbooth till you process 25 frames per day either expose or reclaim screens. It is not a fancy piece of equipment but it proved as a game changer for many of our customers.

Do we need separate screen dryer? And how to select it?

Yes. Frame dryer should have high air flow, equal temperature / air distribution for all over frames, good insulation, and easy frame size adaptability.

Which type of exposing system is the best?

Exposing machine - latest is LED UV scanner mode

Do we need to buy stretching clamps or machine?

You should outsource it till you need 15 frames per month. PNEUSTRETCH for small/medium screens & shorter run UNISTRETCH for medium/larger screens & for bulk

Do we need airconditioned area to operate UNITECH machines ?

YES & NO Max. Temp. 25 *Celsius is the ideal condition for most of the machines unless specified.In vast country like India has varied temp. from 4*C in winter to 45*C in summer in same or different regions.Screen printing and exposing process requires dust free environment so these conditions can be achieved easily by putting air conditioning.

We have installed best printing machines still we are not able to print best results ?

Let us understand first, In screen printing PREPRESS IS EVERTHING. In other words MAKE A GOOD SCREEN MAKE A GOOD PRINT. In screen printing process those that occurs earlier has. Be careful while investing in Prepress as in printing machines. Automate process as much is the key.

What types of substrates and shapes we can print on ?

On Unitech machines Screen printing is possible every shape/ substrate as long as its flat surface.Our machines do not print on cylindrical or curved shapes like bottles, pens etc

EQUISTRETCH ( mechanical MOTORISED ) Vs PNEUSTRETCH (Pneumatic Clamp) Which machine effective in screen stretching performance ?

Very tricky answer , most of the other manufacturer produce only one type of machine so they have obvious suggestion. On the other hand we manufacture both technologies. Both types has their advantages as well as shortcomings.But selection of technologies depends on actual application and final output required. Some times it depends on quantity of frames required.

Does Metal halide lamps exposes screen better than UV LED exposing system ?

Quality of exposure depends on how machines are designed and built, Fact of the matter is LED is going to stay in future Vs mercury lamps

We are not based in India, How we will ensure service support thus uninterrupted operation off our machine

Almost all UNITECH machines are fitted with SDS-Self diagnostic systems with give prompt command on PLC touch screen to assist your operator / technician to solve problem in realtime. In case of mechanical problems our service support team will be happy to provide tutorials and videos to overcome it.

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