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7 Reasons You Need To Invest in printing Automation


    Reduce Worker Fatigue and Effort or Labor Intensive Operation –  Typically, humans dislike dull, repetitive tasks. Tasks that lack variability provide a place for automated systems  If the task requires conditions that are not suited to human comfort or focus, consider automation.


    Saving on Rejection – Humans make mistakes when they fatigue. Mistakes mean damaging raw materials and end products.


    Create consistent Product – Machines do not forget steps.  Every process requires doing something in a specific order to improve yield? Automated systems will not violate the instruction set.


    Increase Efficiency – Process automation for efficiency makes a company more competitive,  No human variation exists. Even semi-automatic machines allow improvements that benefit consistent execution.


    Understanding problem Metrics – Why do I see more failures now than in the past? what is causing this? Does the process improve with changes? rather than guessing, go for simple solutions. Most screen printers are trained or learned techniques through tacit knowledge thus automation is a necessity to empower them. Machines assist them to overcome their skill deficit


    Invest in automation to Save Money –  Why spend the money now? The biggest advantage is man power saving and  Simply, investing in machines yields cost savings through making processes more consistent and lessen rejections. In addition, increase in  overall productivity , makes lot of sense for capital investment.


    Decide the Right Process Improvements – before Automated systems to be implemented collect reliable data. What comes next? Add machines and equipment where problems existed. Rather than just adding piece of machine or equipment.


From concept to production, we work with you to identify cost-effective automation solutions that match your specifications. Most importantly, Unitech delivers high-quality products and services to our customers within the budgeted schedule and cost.

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