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How can we simplify screen printing

Let's start with any printing process

First: Prepress means any operations done before actual printing.

Second: Printing of ink on the substrate or any given material

Third: Ink drying process


Why prepress is everything for screen printing?

The standard screen-printing process:

               1. Mesh stretching on frame

               2. Mesh preparation wash (chemicals & water)

               3. Frame drying (dustfree)

               4. Emulsion coating (even deposition)

               5. Emulsion drying (below 40*c)

               6. Screen exposing with uv light source

               7. Stencil developer wash (water)

               8. Screen drying and make ready

               9. Printing on substrate with ink

               10. Ink drying or curing


Out of above common 10 stages in screen printing processes surprisingly 8 of them are prepress operations. Most of the screen printing units are ignoring this fact. Investing time and money for optimizing this area of screen printing process will surely reward you.


Make a good screen - make a good print!


If you consider all the variables in screen printing those that occur earlier will have greatest impact on the final print result.

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