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Right screen frame for superior screen printing

Screen frame selection is one of the most ignored topic in screen printing. Isn’t it?
But did you know? It has direct influence on the screen performance, fabric consistency and uniformity.

All through the high quality and durable frames are often very expensive but always is very good investment. The frames are subject to mechanical and chemical influences, therefore non-rusting frames are preferredas regular contact with rusted frames leads to severe damage to screen fabric. The surface of frames which provides pasting of mesh should be free from high spots, adhesive residues otherwise fabric will split during tensioning.

Construction of frames should be strong enough to resist level bend and warping. Cross section
characteristics are very important part in resisting pressure of stretched fabrics.

Stretching – New Frames:
The surface of new frames must be thoroughly cleaned as well as treated in such a way thatfabric can be adhered permanently to remove grease contamination from frame. Following solvents can beused butyl acetate, acetone, nitro solvents and similar products. After cleaning with solvents, it is advisable
to use medium grade abrasive paper or power grinding disc to lightly roughen surface, so binding will be
perfectly well.

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