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Streamlining Success - The Power of Standard Operating Procedures in Screen Printing

Importance of standard operating procedures (SOPs) in maintaining efficiency and profitability. Pressure on screen printing businesses to deliver quality work on time while remaining profitable.

SOPs provide guidelines for efficient task performance and predictable results.
Standards for Artwork and Separations

•    Implement scheduling systems to ensure efficient flow of separations from art department to screen making.
•    Avoid over-engineering graphics to minimize costs, time, and reject rates.
Film Output
•    Conduct regular registration tests and equipment calibration to prevent productivity losses.
•    Follow manufacturer's guidelines for testing and calibration every two to three weeks.
•    Maximize efficiency by closely linking pin-registration system with prepress and press-setup procedures.
Film Handling
•    Specify film handling and organization practices to prevent damage and maintain quality.
•    Establish procedures for outsourcing printing jobs and tracking film positives.
•    Consider generating a second set of films for in-house backup.
Development of SOPs
•    SOPs should be easy to read and translated into all relevant languages.
•    Address factors affecting image accuracy, registration, and film-positive quality.
•    Ensure consistency and repeatability from run to run.

Standard Procedures in Screen making
•    Identify production flow and develop procedures for each step-in screen department.
•    Implement procedures for screen reclaiming, degreasing, coating, exposure, washout, touch-up, taping, printing, and cleaning.
•    Mount detailed instructions at each workstation for easy reference and execution.
Production Department SOPs
•    Coordinate procedures to minimize downtime between production runs.
•    Establish task lists and responsibilities for press operators, assistant press operators, and dryer technicians.
•    Ensure consistent follow-through on each task to maximize productivity and print quality.
Overall, SOPs play a crucial role in maintaining efficiency, consistency, and quality throughout the screen-printing process. By implementing and adhering to SOPs, businesses can streamline workflow, reduce errors, and enhance profitability.


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