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15 TIPS to Restart Your Machines & Equipment after 3 Weeks



After this 3 weeks lock down and we start our production process. We don't want a shut down of machines due to ignorance. Take few Precautionary measures to avoid breakdown of machines that upsets your production schedule.

  1. Check and record voltages at various circuits / plug sockets
  2. Check indicators or perform lamp tests
  3. Tighten all connections (with power removed)
  4. Make sure that plug-in connectors are tight and secured
  5. Visually inspect for loose or worn out wiring,
  6. Inspect moisture in enclosure, etc.
  7. Test all alarm systems, safety systems, etc. in all machines
  8. Measure device current with a benchmark and compare for changes
  9. Dust cleaning is must for every machine ( avoid compressed air )
  10. Clean -    Lubricate - Replace    Filters / Fluid wherever required
  11. Check for vacuum leak    
  12. Run machine in idle mode for 5-6 minutes before first production
  13. Run Machine in Manual Mode for few hours
  14. Follow safety and maintenance guidelines of manufacturer of each machine like Compressor, Hydraulic packs
  15. Check backup batteries and put on a routine maintenance
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